Lidded Storage Basket 5.5″ by 6″

KSH 800.00

This beautifully intricate lidded storage baskets are handmade in Kenya from locally harvested sisal fibers by skilled artisans from rural Kenya. The weaving technique is indigenous to Kamba of Eastern Kenya. Sisal fibres are hand-dyed red and woven together with natural sisal fibers.


Approximate dimensions:
Bottom diameter: 5.5 inches
Height: 6 inches

The lidded baskets are ideal for de-cluttering. Perfect for organising shelves and drawers or for tidying away toiletries.

Various color combinations and patterns, as well as different length straps, are available at our shop.

CraftsWithMeaningKE is a social enterprise working to economically empower artisans in Kenya by making their products available to the world market. We support them in the designing, marketing and logistical process of participating in world trade.


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