In-House Artisans

Joyce Wambui

Joyce started working at Crafts With Meaning in 2021 during the Covid-19 Pandemic. During this time, she would work as a casual laborer at the production department helping in preparation of fabric for sewing.

In 2023 Joyce got her official contract and started working as one of Crafts With meaning artisans. The journey has been eye opening with Joyce enhancing her sewing skills through apprenticeship from other tailors in the production team.

Some of the skills she has enhanced include fabric maximization to avoid too many offcuts and fabric preparation.

Joyce can now be able to sew Diaper bags, tote bags, backpacks, shopping bag, pencil pouches and gift bags. Working at Crafts has been a great opportunity for Joyce as she is able to support her family through the job.


Peter joined Crafts With Meaning in August 2023, as an intern from AHITI Kabete where he was pursing a diploma in Leather Technology.

Peter had experience in sewing and design leather products such as belts and shoes thus working at Crafts with Meaning was a whole new perspective.

In December 2023 Peter was confirmed as an employee of Crafts with Meaning.

He has diversified his skills in various fabric and can now be able to fully sew all leather products, shopping bags kiondoo bags, and tote bags.

This opportunity has really helped Peter in his growth as a person with him being independent and helping out with roles back home.


Dan is one of our very first artisans at Crafts with Meaning. He started working here in 2020 during the height of the Covid -19 pandemic.

Dan started sewing at the CEO’s balcony before the company took shape. He has grown with the enterprise throughout time and has taught many of the artisans that currently work here.

Dan is particularly gifted in leather work which is his specialty here at crafts with meaning.

The opportunity to work at Crafts With Meaning is a unique one for Dan especially as it came during the pandemic thus providing a cushion for his dependents.


Sarah started working at Crafts With Meaning in 2020 during the pandemic. Sarah had some background in sewing and thus working in Crafts With Meaning provided an opportunity to diversify her skills.

Sarah quickly learnt through apprentice and mentorship from Dan where she gained confidence in sewing and taking on new designs. Sarah is now an expert in all of our products and she is mentoring new tailors to take on the trade.

The opportunity to work at Crafts has given Sarah a chance to support her family and extend the support to other dependents.