Evalyne Nzuki and Gladys Mose

Location: Malindi

Evalyne Nzuki and Gladys Mose have been making baskets with bead decoration for the past eight years and eighteen years respectively in Malindi. The baskets are handcrafted using traditional techniques from locally and sustainably sourced reeds, leather, kikoi fabrics and beads. The leather is sustainably sourced from tanneries in the region while the decorations, authentic African designs are handcrafted with care with colorful beads. Kikoi is a woven cloth originating from the east coast of Africa. It is a perfect accessory from home to the market to the beach and beyond.

As a widow, selling of these baskets has enabled Evalyne to educate her three children. Gladys has also been able to educate her children and establish a homestead. Just like most Artisans on the Kenyan coast, Evalyne and Gladys sales depend solely on tourism that has been declining for the past couple of years, due to political and security factors. Crafts With Meaning has collaborated with them by providing access to information, market and comply with buyers’ requirements. Crafts With Meaning advise on the quality of the raw materials, designs and styles in trend, fair working practices, creative innovations, value addition, quality management, presentation and handle logistics to ensure timely delivery of the baskets to the buyers.

With their products on the e-commerce platform, they plan to offer employment to talented women especially widows to weave the baskets to meet demand and transform their lives. This, in turn, contributes towards the Sustainable Development Goal 8 of decent work and economic growth.