Bakari Rashid Hamisi, Kiwi Shoe Makers

Location: Malindi
Kiwi Shoemakers was started by Bakari Rashid Hamisi in 2010. The group has grown to about 100 shoemakers at one time. They hand-make a variety of men, women and children’s sandals. The sandals are made from locally sourced high quality leather, flat flexible, non-slip rubber sole and decorated with colorful beads. The materials are cut, sewn and stitched by hand. The intricate beadwork is of authentic African designs handcrafted with care. Additional decorations are of shells sustainably hand-collected along the ocean shore. Initially, marketing and sale of Kiwi Shoemakers’ sandals were by word of mouth by locals and tourists. This created employment for hundreds of youth in Malindi, transforming their lives and keeping them away from crime. With dwindling tourism, coupled with the production of the same products, sales have plummeted over the years. Crafts With Meaning has collaborated with Kiwi Shoe Makers to promote sustainable social and economic development by providing access to market information and comply with buyers’ requirements. Crafts With Meaning advise and/provide quality raw materials used in making the sandals, advise on the design style in trend, fair working practices, creative innovations, value addition, quality management and presentation and handle logistics to ensure timely delivery of the products to the buyers. Sales through the Crafts With Meaning platform, will enable Kiwi Shoe Makers, employ more youth in Malindi to meet quality and demand as well as improve their living standards and standing in society contributing towards the SDG 8: promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.