Mombasa Group

Harnessing Coconut Refuse for Sustainable Mats

Crafts with Meaning is honored to collaborate with the innovative artisans of the Mombasa Group, a group of young, talented artisans based in Mombasa, Kenya. Specializing in the creative use of coconut refuse, these artisans craft eco-friendly and biodegradable house mats that are both functional and sustainable.

Resourcefulness and Creativity

The artisans of the Mombasa Group showcase their resourcefulness and creativity by repurposing coconut refuse into beautiful and practical house mats. Through skillful craftsmanship, they transform discarded coconut husks into sturdy and durable mats that serve as door mats and side bed mats. Their ingenuity not only minimizes waste but also highlights the potential of natural materials in artisanal production.

Environmental Stewardship

Crafts with Meaning is committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability. By partnering with the Mombasa Group, we support artisans who prioritize eco-friendly practices and materials. The use of coconut refuse, a byproduct of coconut processing, reduces the environmental impact of traditional waste disposal methods and promotes the circular economy.

Community Empowerment

Through our collaboration with the Mombasa Group, we empower young artisans to harness their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. By providing access to markets, resources, and training opportunities, we enable these artisans to earn a sustainable income and support themselves and their families. Additionally, the production of house mats provides valuable employment opportunities for young people in the Mombasa community.

Promoting Eco-Friendly Living

The house mats crafted by the Mombasa Group are not only functional but also promote eco-friendly living. Made from 100% biodegradable materials, these mats offer a sustainable alternative to synthetic counterparts. By choosing eco-friendly products, consumers can contribute to environmental conservation and reduce their carbon footprint.

Join Us in Supporting Sustainable Artisans

Join us in celebrating the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the Mombasa artisans and supporting their journey towards economic empowerment and environmental sustainability. Together, we can promote eco-friendly living, minimize waste, and empower artisans to thrive in a greener, more sustainable world.