About Us

Who we are

We are a social enterprise based in Nairobi, Kenya with a mission to create a business leveraged on artisan talent, enabling the artisans to thrive and spurring economic growth in their mainly rural communities.

Our partners thou needy do not require help in form of aid and donations. What they need is a reliable business partner who cares about their welfare and who is committed to genuinely improve their lives using their talents and raw materials available in their environment.


Every piece of craft you find on our platform has deeper meaning and is traceable to one of our talented artisans. In addition to the cultural heritage our pieces carry with them, and the beauty and life they inject into your life, our crafts are special because they meet our deepest desires which are;

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    • To share the stories of our artisan partners, stories of hard work and resilience in Africa’s most beautiful country sides.

    • To create economic opportunities for artisans by leveraging on their talents and our networks around the world.

    • To create wealth and eliminate poverty for grassroot communities in Africa using traditional artisan talent.

    • To be contributors in the achievement of sustainable development goals especially in creation of decent work and economic growth for those under the radar of conventional opportunities.

    • To be active participators in the global efforts to conserve the planet by embedding sustainability in the use and recycle of raw materials by our artisan producers.

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VISION for our artisans’ partners

    • That they thrive and earn decent incomes from their talents

    • That they are able to feed, clothe and house their families

    • That they have enough income to invest in the education of their children.

    • That they can afford decent healthcare for themselves and their families

    • That they become entrepreneurs in their own right, equipped with all the skills they need to excel.