Startup helps artisans find a better market for their creations

In 2017, Caroline Ng’ang’a was captivated by the skill and dedication of local artisans during a visit to Malindi. Witnessing their talent juxtaposed with challenges such as poor product development and limited market access, she conceived Crafts with Meaning. This social enterprise, headquartered in Nairobi, collaborates with artisans in Kenya and Uganda, offering them a platform to thrive. By providing fair wages, market access, and design support, Crafts with Meaning empowers over 300 artisans, fostering economic growth within rural communities.

Crafts with Meaning specializes in manufacturing African-inspired products, including home décor and lifestyle accessories. These items, handcrafted using locally-sourced materials, reflect the vibrancy and diversity of African culture. Through partnerships with artisans and producers across seven Kenyan counties and Kampala, Uganda, the enterprise promotes sustainable practices and supports local economies.

Despite initial challenges, such as securing funding and sourcing quality materials, Caroline’s vision has flourished. Recognized by various awards and grants, including support from the World Bank and Citi Bank Foundation, Crafts with Meaning continues to make a significant impact. Through its commitment to social and economic empowerment, the enterprise has not only transformed the lives of artisans but also garnered recognition from prestigious institutions like the United States African Development Foundation.

Looking ahead, Caroline envisions further growth for Crafts with Meaning, with plans to introduce new product lines and expand manufacturing to rural areas. With a background in accounting and a passion for community development, she remains dedicated to driving positive change and uplifting marginalized communities. As Crafts with Meaning continues to thrive, Caroline’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of entrepreneurship in creating sustainable social impact.

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