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MADE IN KENYA featuring Crafts With Meaning

Crafts with Meaning Limited, a local Kenyan social enterprise, has emerged as a beacon of innovation under the leadership of its founder and CEO, Caroline Nganga. Since its inception, the company has fostered partnerships with craftsmen across various counties in Kenya, extending its reach into Uganda, to produce an array of handmade home decor products. However, in response to evolving market demands, Crafts with Meaning has diversified its portfolio to include factory-made leather products and corporate branding merchandise tailored to the Kenyan corporate sector.

Embracing the ethos of the Made in Kenya initiative, Crafts with Meaning obtained accreditation as a verified Kenyan brand, a move that has significantly bolstered its visibility and credibility in the marketplace. Caroline Nganga emphasizes the importance of supporting local industries and manufacturers, highlighting their unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality, world-class products. She urges consumers to prioritize locally-made goods, recognizing them by the distinctive Made in Kenya branding, as a means of driving economic growth and fostering national pride.

With a firm belief in the potential of Kenyan-made products to excel both domestically and internationally, Crafts with Meaning embodies the spirit of authenticity and excellence synonymous with the Made in Kenya campaign. Through sustained support from consumers and stakeholders alike, local enterprises like Crafts with Meaning are poised to chart a path towards sustainable development and global recognition, solidifying Kenya’s position as a hub of creativity and ingenuity on the world stage.

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